this perfect little dweeb kills me

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took these at Nottingham last night, totally worth the 4 hours there and back almost getting lost haha! I thought I was bad at Cardiff but this night absolutely broke me, seeing them all like this and their little speeches. I hope they keep their promises about coming back I really do otherwise I don’t know how i’ll cope :(

this makes me sad, miss them already :(

littlelieselmeminger asked:
What's your personal blog? You were my fave back in the day!

Awh thankyou so much, I miss it!

My personal is :) xx

woah woah woah i can’t believe how long it’s been since I used this blog:(

I basically turned my personal into an everything plus the wanted blog which is why i practically abandoned this one and omg i just logged in and burst out crying // that’s normal right?

I’m seeing them tomorrow and it’s all just hit me that it’s probably the last time and woah I am not prepared for this ok :c :c

merry christmas everyone!

I hope you all get your favourite member of the wanted under your tree ;-)



Anonymous asked:
Baby, how can i get the mouse icon with Jay sign?? tk u

from here lovely :-) Xx